Terms & Conditions


You may get a full refund on an exchanged product or art piece if you are not satisfied with your purchase. Returns need to be made within 30 days of receipt of goods.

Promo Codes (promotional vouchers)

From time to time users will receive promotions in the form of unique codes that can be used at checkout to unlock certain discounts.

Promotional vouchers are issued at the discretion of STATELY. Users do not have the right to promotional vouchers and cannot earn them. Promotional vouchers are issued with specific terms and conditions that regulate their use.

A voucher can only be used once and only one voucher can be used per checkout. Enter the voucher code on checkout and the value of the voucher will be deducted from the total amount in your shopping cart. The remaining balance, if any, must be paid by you.


From time to time, STATELY may run competitions through its website and other channels. The prizes offered as well as the competition requirements (for winning) may also change from time to time, and will be disclosed during the running of the competition.

STATELY cannot guarantee the quality or the fulfilment of the prizes by third parties. The winner of competitions will be decided by STATELY at its full discretion. STATELY staff and their family members will not be considered for competition winners.

Service disruption

STATELY reserves the right to limit or discontinue the functionality of the site. While we strive to be online continuously, we cannot exclude cases in which the webpage may be unavailable. In rare cases this may cause data loss.

STATELY cannot be held liable for cross-browser incompatibilities that cause checkout or payment failures. We recommend that you browse with Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

Intellectual property

STATELY and participating vendors retain all copyright and other rights to services, as well as listings, information, images, videos, and databases (the "Property Protection"). A modification, reproduction, publication, disclosure to third parties and / or exploitation of the protected property without the prior written consent is expressly prohibited by STATELY.

The protection of data

Please see our privacy policy more information on the policy of protecting user data and privacy.

Termination/cancellation of orders

STATELY reserves the right to cancel or refuse to fulfil any order it suspects of being fraudulent. This includes but is not limited to instances of suspected stolen credit cards and abuse of referral programme incentives. 

Rights of Use

We reserve the right to ban any individual uploader or website domain from using our services for any reason.