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Our Story

Buy better, buy less.

When one visits general merchandise ecommerce sites the amount of products out there is overwhelming and most sites lack high quality curation. To add to this, premium brands are skeptical about featuring their products on these sites because of the lack of discernment on behalf of the site. Stately was born out of these two insights and our offering is a blend of expert curation and value offerings for homeowners in South Africa’s premier lifestyle estates. 

We see estates as “clusters of efficiency” when it comes to e-commerce fulfilment and online services. Our view is that it is to the benefit of the estate and surrounding communities if these estates are highly networked. Stately aims to connect residents within estates and make connections between estates, adding value every step of the way. 

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Our Curational Philosophy

Unlike task-oriented shopping on sites that offer lots of merchandise, using Stately feels more like shopping at a store full of products you like

We also work with independent design studios, which contribute to a contemporary African aesthetic and celebrate Africa’s cultural heritage. All of our supply partners contribute to skills development and sustainable employment opportunity in their diverse communities.

We find it important to know where things come from, and under what conditions they are made. We strive to represent the origin of our products as transparently as possible, through our ‘Features’ section and through our blog.

We are committed to sustainable principles when it comes to the use of materials. Our suppliers choose recycled, reusable or sustainably produced products, packaging and printing wherever possible.

Our curators work in the following categories: Home décor, Art, Made Goods, Social Outreach, Fashion, Wellness and Furniture.

The Team

Stately is a collaboration between creative professionals. 

Patrick Carmody

Patrick is responsible for the guardianship and evolution of Stately's proposition in an ever-changing  online landscape - ensuring that Staely remains compelling and stimulating as the company scales. Patrick is also MD of UX Foundry, the holding company behind Stately. He drives both growth and change, and more importantly, introduced the practice of "UX – Led Business", keeping all projects focused on the user experience. 

Naretha Pretorius

Naretha has over 15 years worth of experience in education and brand communications, being a multi-disciplinary individual practicing as an artist, but also as a strategic thinker, brand consultant as well as being an educator and ‘organiser’. She likes biltong and neat Bourbon.

Rich Armstrong

Rich, helmet and all, is a creative maven; He designs, animates & codes end-to-end experiences. He's a believer in simplicity and is adamant that there's a better way to live & work. If you need your sink fixed, you know what to do - call 0800 Plumber.

Ulric Algar

Ulric is the Creative Guru and Founder of The No Nonsense Group. TNNG is an award winning Digital Marketing agency using all channels from direct response advertising to web marketing. Ulric has over 20 years experience in advertising, design, direct and digital marketing working for and contracted to some of the largest brands and agencies in the world.

Gareth Moulton

Gareth is the MD of Stately's logistics partner, iDeliver. He has been in the logistics business for over 20 years and helps us get your products to you in the most efficient way possible. If you have any issues with your order please call him on his cellphone and make sure he is not teeing off before you do so.

Join our team! We are hiring sharp and detail oriented people with an appreciation for craftsmanship and quality. Please send your cover letter and CV to hireme@stately.co.za 

We stand for innovative design, design-led craftsmanship, supporting Africa’s creative talent, getting more by buying less & we're constantly on the look out for innovative brands and products